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name alina
pronouns she/her
age 20
mbti istj
enneagram type 1w9

✧:・゚my stans ✧:・゚

bellamy maria young

born feb 19 1970 | asheville, north carolina
alma mater yale university
occupation actress
ranking two

"Remember your roots, trust your wings."

first work criminal minds
favorite work scandal
favorite performance scandal
favorite portrayal mellie grant - scandal

    elizabeth stamatina fey

    born may 18 1970 | upper darby, pennsylvania
    alma mater university of virginia
    occupation writer, actress, producer,
    comedian, playwright
    ranking three

    "Do your thing and don't care if they like it."

    first work mean girls
    favorite work 30 rock
    favorite performance saturday night live
    favorite portrayal liz lemon - 30 rock

      vera ann farmiga

      born aug 6 1973 | clifton, new jersey
      alma mater syracuse university
      occupation actress, producer
      ranking four

      "In the quiet moments, the discoveries are made."

      first work the boy in the striped pajamas
      favorite work bates motel
      favorite performance bates motel
      favorite portrayal norma bates - bates motel

        julia scarlett e. louis-dreyfus

        born jan 13 1961 | manhattan, new york
        alma mater northwestern university
        occupation actress, comedian, producer
        ranking five

        "There's no situation that isn't improved with a couple of laughs."

        first work seinfeld
        favorite work veep
        favorite performance veep
        favorite portrayal selina meyer - veep

          néstor gastón carbonell

          born dec 1 1967 | new york city, new york
          alma mater harvard university
          occupation actor, director, screenwriter
          ranking seven

          "I love not knowing. It keeps me guessing."

          first work the dark knight
          favorite work bates motel
          favorite performance bates motel
          favorite portrayal alex romero - bates motel

            jamia suzette mays

            born jul 16 1979 | grundy, virginia
            alma mater radford university
            occupation actress
            ranking six

            "It's cool to do your own thing and be your own person."

            first work glee
            favorite work trial and error
            favorite performance trial and error
            favorite portrayal emma pillsbury - glee

              paget valerie brewster

              born mar 10 1969 | concord, massachusetts
              occupation actress, voice actress, singer
              ranking one

              "I wanted to learn something and be excited again."

              first work criminal minds
              favorite work criminal minds
              favorite performance criminal minds
              favorite portrayal emily prentiss - criminal minds

                tv series

                30 rock, bates motel, big shot, bodyguard, criminal minds, friends, game of thrones, glee, gossip girl, grandfathered, huff, new adventures of old christine, ozark, private practice, prodigal son, psych, scandal, seinfeld, ted lasso, the mandalorian, the millers, the morning show, trial and error, veep, watching ellie

                up to date

                currently (re)watching

                alias, community, freud, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, madam secretary, parks and recreation, pretty little liars, quantico, schitt's creek, station 19, the good place, unbreakable kimmy schmidt

                favorite series

                mystery, psychological horror, drama
                based on
                characters from psycho
                by robert bloch
                developed by
                carlton cuse, kerry ehrin,
                anthony cipriano
                vera farmiga, freddie highmore,
                max thieriot, olivia cooke,
                nestor carbonell, kenny johnson

                favorite female character
                norma louise bates
                favorite male character
                sheriff alex romero
                favorite ship
                (norma bates + alex romero)
                favorite friendship
                norma bates + emma decody

                number of seasons
                number of episodes
                original network

                ✧:・゚the one ✧:・゚

                norma louise bates

                portrayed by vera farmiga
                series bates motel
                loved since june 2019
                ranking one

                status deceased, gone
                ship with alex romero
                favorite friendship emma decody

                other characters

                emily prentiss criminal minds
                alex romero bates motel
                aaron hotchner criminal minds

                emma pillsbury glee
                liz lemon 30 rock
                mellie grant scandal

                holly barrett big shot
                selina meyer veep
                rebecca welton ted lasso

                my fanfiction recommendations
                last updated: 5/12/21

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
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                titleauthorword countratingtags
                that same color blueAngeloftheMorning1978396k+Tmultichapter, romance, drama
                same color blue (remake)AngeloftheMorning1978426k+Mmultichapter, romance, drama
                fragile birdGeneHarlow116k+Mwarning:rape/non-con, angst, sexual content, past sexual abuse, married life
                seductionleopardlilly3k+Eoneshot, smut
                spyingMarieJohnson1232k+Eoneshot, smut, masturbation, sexual fantasy, curtains, voyeurism
                let me love youbrooke147844k+Mwarning: underage, romance, set after 4x03
                fatal attractionsolveariddle46k+Mwarning: rape/non-con, romance, au
                the very thought of youcinelitchick7k+NRromance, sex, masturbation, fluff and smut
                arcanum clubGeneHarlow11k+Esexual content, mildly dubious consent, girl on girl smooching, fake prostitute act, explicit sexual content
                getaway1ForSorrow173k+Mromance, hurt/comfort, slow burn, abuse
                my heart craves youdeviatedrift51k+Mromance, drama
                black & bluecandywallflower120k+Tromance, hurt/comfort, summary: norma and george get into a relationship, but it's not as good as it seems. will alex step in to protect norma?
                the wedding plannerdeviatedrift23k+Mromance, drama, au
                the new ownerAngeloftheMorning197817k+Mromance, drama, slow burn

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
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                click the title to go to the fic

                titleauthorword countratingtags
                all this timehotchityhotchhotch368k+Mwarnings: major character death, PTSD from sexual abuse, angst, romance, HELLA slow burn
                the lion and the antelopeFotobridgeT2123k+Mmultichapter, romance, adventure
                we see no end, we don't know howPurpleplasticpurse259k+T/Mangst, slow Burn, eventual smut, hurt/comfort, eventual romance, au
                in ecstasymicrowavebubbles6k+Erecreational drug use, drug use, but mostly thats just a means to the filthy dirty smut
                a casual arrangement (in ecstasy sequel)microwavebubbles100k+Esmut, heavy smut, lots and lots of heavy smut, theyre both slutty, dirty talk, porn with plot, some angst, canon compliant sort of, but really this story is an excuse for me to put them in any situation i can think of, angst, hurt/comfort, canon compliant violence
                little birdmicrowavebubbles3k+Ehate sex, overstimulation, spit kink, choking, hair-pulling, face-fucking, spitting, spit in mouths, come eating, rough oral sex, guys this is absolute sin, unadulterated filth, when i said i need jesus, it was for this fic, pwp, pure porn, i took this prompt and ran with it, read the tags before you read the fic
                hummingbirdmicrowavebubbles3k+Ethigh riding, spit kink, spit in mouth, choking, explicit consent, explicit, sexual content, dom/sub, dom/sub play, discussion of safe words, anal play, squirting, rough oral sex, rough sex, hair-pulling, aftercare
                it’s always been youaaronshotchniss582k+Eromance, family feels, hurt/comfort, fluff and smut, friendship
                falling in love with a girlsienna27536k+Tdrama, romance
                last summerpagetsgirl9429k+Mromance, young hotchniss
                i hate that i love you sopagetsgirl947k+Mromance, hate sex
                homecomingKavi Leighanna32k+Mromance, lots of smut
                a fine lineCriminalMindsGoneWrong110k+Mromance, crime
                falling softly, softy fallingmissmirrorball20k+Tslightly au, slow burn, me just filling in the blanks with my own headcanon
                how far we'll golikingandloving41k+Mslow burn, alternate universe - canon divergence, eventual romance
                mirrormicrowavebubbles72k+Mslow burn, romance, eventual romance, eventual smut, smut, fluff and smut, masturbation, masturbation in shower, no beta we die like men, canon-typical violence, sex, oral sex, sex toys, cunnilingus, idiots in love, mild breeding kink?, angst, semi-public sex
                right where you left mePurpleplasticpurse33k+Mwarning: major character death,angst, smut, emotional hurt/comfort, romance, some adult themes, alternate universe - canon divergence
                someone you loveprentissinred31k+Mhurt/comfort, eventual smut, sexual tension, fluff, no beta we die like men, angst and hurt/comfort, canon-typical violence
                whatever tomorrow bringsSequinSmile44k+Gfamily, fluff, angst, infertility, ivf, fertility issues, pregnancy, alternate universe, au, canon? what canon, i chose to ignore it, hotchniss, established relationship, illnesses, hospitals
                hotch’s inner freakTbird196523k+Enote:mostly hotchniss but some multi, masturbation, oral sex, threesome, sex toys, homosexuality, het and slash
                no one has to knowsimandzayn15k+Eshameless smut, hate sex, explicit sexual content, rough sex, oral sex
                intolerable me, despicable youblythechild582k+Ewarning: graphic depictions of violence, hurt/comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, fake character death, developing relationship, resentment, canon-typical violence, sexual content, drinking to cope, drinking & talking, divorce, separations, trust issues, conflict, denial of feelings, partners to lovers, partnership, unresolved tension, arguing, antagonism, alternate universe - canon divergence, angst, porn with feelings, second chances, grief/mourning, mistakes, loneliness
                seventeen minutes until extractionAudreyV5k+Edubious consent, undercover, BDSM, sexual slavery, coercion
                the train rideSussi42k+Eromance, angst, au, smut
                much needed releasesimandzayn4k+Esmut, masturbation
                if it’s meant to be, it will besimandzayn13k+Esexual content, explicit sexual content
                undercover operationoliviahotchner15k+Mromance, humor, undercover
                don’t judge meHotly8117310k+Mromance, humor, one shot, rossi's cabin
                feel you here foreverprxntiss38k+Tfriends to lovers, undercover, unresolved sexual tension, unresolved romantic tension, fake/pretend relationship, get together, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, domestic fluff, they're in love don't tell me otherwise
                undercover nuptialsHotly811735k+Mromance, undercover, oneshot
                things overheardBrandywyne Walker23k+Mromance, hurt/comfort, au s4
                there’re fantasies, then there’s realityTigerLily8885k+Mromance, humor, unresolved sexual tension, porn with some plot
                sin to win weekendTigerLily88826k+Mromance, fake/pretend relationship
                suddenly, everything is differentTigerLily8883k+K+romance, one shot, summary: emily and hotch go to salt lake city for a conference without the team, both unaware that they are hiding their feelings for each other until fate steps in.
                he's not taking his medicineWhumpTown794Ghotch whump, hurt/comfort, soft hotchniss
                shot in the darkWhumpTown4k+Ghurt aaron hotchner, pining, whump, hurt/comfort, four times emily knew how to ease hotch's pain and one time she didn't
                the singularly sensible seduction of ssa hotchnerorphan_account6k+Esmut, attempted seduction, hotch is oblivious, and the whole team knows it, crack treated seriously, the one in which reid is repeatedly mentally, traumatised by his boss, david rossi: matchmaker
                get offflashpenguin9k+Mnote:mostly hotchniss but some multi, romance, friendship, hurt/comfort, pure smut, foursome, f/f/m/m
                dangerous situationssuallenparker5k+Mromance, drama, undercover, smut
                lockdownTigerLily8885k+Mromance, smut, some fluff
                first timeoliviahotchner10k+Mromance, humor
                compromisedraffinit9k+Ewarnings: graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con, dub-con, spanking,light BDSM, wax-play although very mildly, temperature play, again very mildly, mostly it's emily dominating hotch, and fucking making him beg for it
                mine all minegreengirl821k+Eundercover, strippers & strip clubs, unresolved sexual tension, sexual content
                lie to mecrazygal272k+Mromance, angst
                my boss hates mecrazygal2779k+Mromance, angst, enemies to lovers
                dreamscapes on the wallsarchivedjemily8k+Myoung hotchniss, au but also very much the same world lol, college! emily, meets aaron working for her mom, love! and lust! ensue!, sneaky kissing, kissing in a bar, more sneaky kissing, are they falling in love?, summer fling?, who knows?!, its actually very sweet, and kind of fluffy, and kind of hot
                just following orderspagetsknockers17k+Ttw: discussion of sbortion, young hotchniss
                the professorPagetPaulson12k+Tsummary: professor prentiss has a thing for a student's father
                thunder hotchTigerLily8885k+Mromance, humor
                undercover adulteryskye-hunter2k+Mromance, crime, undercover
                just talking about baseballtbird19654k+Mromance, smut
                acid and baby oiltbird19659k+Mromance, smut
                yin and yanghotchnisslovechild (shameless self promo)9k+Mwarning: graphic depictions of violence hurt/comfort, angst, drama, romance, eventual smut, one shot, canon-typical violence, no beta we die like men
                project emilyPandaMeetsSquirrel31k+Mprentiss has a date, but not with hotch. this has our favorite unit chief seeing red in more ways than one. rossi keeps an eye on things
                coutureprentissinred2k+Mtumblr prompt, mild sexual content, s7 canon divergence

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
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                titleauthorword countratingtags
                debriefingCriminalMindsGoneWrong3k+Esmut, lukily - freeform, office sex, blowjob, riding, dirty talk
                stress reliefCriminalMindsGoneWrong1k+Esmut, sex, angry sex, post-suspension luke is an angry boy, and emily? she kinda likes it, ok she really likes it, lukily - freeform, thats what i've christened this ship, she's his boss and that's hot

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
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                titleauthorword countratingtags
                i am laurenpagetsgirl943k+Mromance, oneshot, some smut
                gun sexTheTruthBetween728Egun sex, smut, one shot
                two roads divergedArwenLalaith18k+Mepisode related, series, alternate universe - canon
                post breakup auTheTruthBetween3k+-romance, tumblr fic
                i'll be the sailor, you be the lighthouseArwenLalaith33k+Mangst, hurt/comfort, some demily

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
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                click the title to go to the fic

                titleauthorword countratingtags
                undercover bluesMac10k62k+Mromance, suspense, undercover
                intensely fiercesoccerstar11-5120k+Tromance, hurt/comfort
                unexpected discoverieswild-angel8227k+Tromance, drama, summary: in an effort to avoid advances from a certain southern detective, jj tells him that she's dating emily and even kisses her to prove it. she soon realizes that she can't get that pretend kiss out of her mind
                blackbirdMadameCissy28k+Thurt/comfort, angst, summary: "no more lies," jj said as she rested her head against her husband's shoulder. but when her blue eyes met emily's brown she knew that this would never really be true.
                lover undercoverMJ Duncan9k+Mromance, undercover, oneshot
                teaching jjkatecholamine29k+Mromance, friendship
                looks like we’ll have to double upsimandzayn3k+Esexual content, explicit sexual content
                a little fantasytrancer3k+Msexual content, femslash, strap-ons, cunnilingus, female relationships, established relationship, roleplay
                not a fantasy, not a dream, it’s just you and mebrunetteandblond109k+Mwarning: graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con, hurt/comfort, gay, it's sad but happy but sad but happy, has a happy ending
                faith of youPagetPaulson92k+Tromance, young jemily, summary: a seventeen year old emily prentiss is part of a student exchange program from france and is assigned to a pennsylvanian family named the jareaus

                GENERAL INFO
                ☆ be sure to read the ratings, tags, and warnings
                please respect the writer's rules (follow their age restrictions)
                ☆ leave kudos and comments!!
                click the title to go to the fic

                titleauthorword countratingtags
                wanna be yoursMDA_Writings75k+Eangst and fluff and smut, teacher, student relationship, college, canon-typical violence, rough sex, dom aaron hotchner, out of character aaron hotchner, mild hurt/comfort, slapping, spanking, implied/referenced drug use, implied/referenced sexual assault, daddy kink, lovers to enemies to lovers
                cashmere, cologne, and white sunshinessaki9925k+Eromance, reader-insert, drama, drama & romance, fluff and smut, fluff, angry sex, angry kissing, age difference, porn with feelings, sugar daddy hotch, angst and fluff and smut
                intelligence & issuesQuickCharade107k+Mwarning: graphic depictions of violence, slow burn, age difference, just 14 years age difference lol, hotch is kind of an asshole, but will have his soft moments, reader is 23, hotch is 37, mentions of sexual assault, mentions of suicide, mentions of self harm, post-traumatic stress disorder - ptsd, slight bdsm, dom/sub undertones, eventual smut, sir kink, daddy kink, but very mild
                jealousyohokthatscool2k+Edancing, alcohol involved, jealous hotch, sexual tension, there will be sex, emily is devious, tumblr prompt, daddy kink, light spanking, sex sex sex, lots of sex
                insanedadezra1k+Eangry sex, smut, oneshot
                falling too deepcrazyxbri37k+Ebdsm, degradation, choking, smut, professor aaron hotchner, college student, reader is in college, hotchner - freeform, criminal minds - freeform, iceplay, spanking, oral sex, vaginal fingering, kissing, female reader, sub reader, dom aaron hotchner, daddy kink, rough sex, dom/sub, jealous aaron hotchner, explicit sexual content
                medicationsofthairedhotch1k+Gmedication, comfort, past violence, gender-neutral pronouns
                punishmentsofthairedhotch2k+Emale reader - freeform, smut, shameless smut, soft dom aaron hotchner, gay sex, anal sex, masturbation, ejaculate, punishment fucking, bisexual aaron hotchner, top aaron hotchner, dom aaron hotchner, jealous aaron hotchner, praise kink, degradation, you get called an attention whore a few times lol, facials
                alone with himsofthairedhotch1k+Esmut, vaginal fingering, gender-neutral pronoun, ssoft dom aaron hotchner, dom aaron hotchner, established relationship
                let's playohokthatscool1k+Ey'all this is just sex, like so much sex, oral sex, fingering, vaginal sex, daddy!kink as fuck, daddy kink, daddy!hotch, reader is snarky, desk sex, office sexsexxxxxxxxx, porn without plot, pwp, if you want real plot maybe read something else, might give off slight dub con vibes? but not really?, dom/sub, dom/sub undertones